The Remington 870 shotgun needs no introduction. As a shotgun, it has served generation after generations of police officers, home defenders, and hunters. The gun itself has seen tons of different incarnations. It has been used in just about every role a shotgun can be used for. Remington has been updating the platform year after year to address a variety of different roles the gun is used for. The latest and greatest out of Remington is the new folding stock 870. Plenty of companies have produced aftermarket folding stocks, but now Remington wants to do it right.

They premiered this new folding stock 870 at SHOT Show 2019 and I was thoroughly impressed by the gun, and the new folding stock. Folding stocks are always tricky, and on a shotgun, they get even trickier. The issue is making a stock that’s lightweight and comfortable that won’t break under the force of round after round of 12 gauge. Unfortunately, I haven’t lived fired the weapon but the stock feels and looks robust. A lot of companies strive to use AR-15 parts to form side folders and it works to a degree, but its far from perfect.

Remington Introduces a folding stock 870

The stock itself is very modern and not just a product licensed from an aftermarket company and bolted to an 870. The stock sports Remington‘s Versamax soft touch adjustable cheekpiece that can be quickly adjusted for an easy fit for multiple shooters. There is a Supercell recoil pad and it is adjustable and comfortable for that heavy 12 gauge recoil. The folding stock design is made from polymer. Your modern polymers is strong enough to resist recoil and much lighter and softer than a metal folding stock. The stock folds to the right of the weapon and allows you to fire the weapon with the stock folded. The stock never interrupts the ejection port.

Remington Introduces a folding stock 870

Why a Folding Stock 870?

A folding stock 870 allows you to instantly change the weapon’s size. This makes it easier to store, or easier to conceal. When working in and out of vehicles the ability to fold your stock is extremely handy. It’s easy to get in and out of these vehicles with a shorter weapon. It’s also easier to breach with a shorter shotgun and in some extremely close quarter’s situations, a folding stock 870 will be much easier to handle than a stocked gun.

Remington Introduces a folding stock 870

I find the gun’s grip to be very SAW like and hand filling. Pistol grips on shotguns can be rough and the wider and thicker the grip is the better for recoil reduction and control. The stock’s length of pull is perfect and the recoil pad is comfortable overall. Remington will also sell the stock separate to retrofit your existing Remington 870. Look for these in stores soon, and we hope to have one for a full review soon.

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