I first saw the Coin Purse from Foster Impact Devices at ECQC in 2015. Shivworks instructor Craig Douglas showed it to a few attendees. I was curious about it, but had so much other stuff going on in my mind that I didn’t remember where he got it from, or exactly what it was called.

Fast forward about nine months later, and a new training partner of mine posted a picture of his Foster coin purse. The lightbulb went on, and I contacted Todd Foster via email. I chose the leather that Todd had on-hand in order to get one as soon as possible. About a week later, my hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind coin purse arrived.

Here’s my initial review (I apologize for the longer lead-in and satirical nature of the review, I couldn’t help myself).

I’ve used the coin purse several times in public, and it never raised an eyebrow — except from a bunch of kids at a lemonade stand, who all said “coooooooooooooooooooooooooool!” when I took it out.

Sitting on the coin purse is somewhat comfortable depending on the chair I’m sitting in. I have a comfy office chair, so I don’t really feel it. After about four hours driving in our Jeep Commander I had to take it out, it was causing some discomfort in my lower back.


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