The following four simple modifications can been done to improve overall performance, accuracy, and manipulation on any Glock handgun. Once you have the necessary parts needed for you Glock these four modifications can be completed in under and hour!

1. Sights – On my Glock 26 I replaced the stock sights with Ameriglo Defoor Tactical sights. My Glock 17 came with Ameriglo Sights; front red fiber optic and all black rear sight. One of the single best things you can do when you purchase a new handgun is ditch the stock sights which are typically crap. For the price you cannot beat the Ameriglo sights. A feature I look for when shopping for new sights is that the rear sight is squared off so that you can rack the slide off of your belt or holster using only one hand.


2. Slide Stop – On my Glock 17 I have removed the factory slide stop and replaced it with a Vickers Tactical extended slide stop. The Vickers slide stop has a tad bit more surface area and has a more aggressive texture making it easier to manipulate in sweaty, bloody, wet conditions, or with gloves on.


3. Combat Trigger Job – There are so many options out there to customize the trigger on a Glock. If you’re a competition shooter then have at it, but if this is your carry gun I would stick with stock parts. What the combat trigger job entails is keeping all the stock trigger parts, but polishing all the bearing surfaces to give a smoother trigger pull and reduces the factory creep. For the polish I use Flitz polish and a few Q-Tips. Just doing this created a smoother trigger pull.


4. Recoil Spring – I have replaced the factory plastic recoil spring guide rods in both my Glock 26 and Glock 17 with stainless steel guide rods. This will provide you with better overall shot to shot accuracy due to the fact that the factory plastic guide rod can bind from shot to shot. The stainless steel does not bind and creates a tighter barrel to slide lockup.


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I try to keep the maintenance of my Glock handguns as simple as possible. My maintenance kit consists of the following items. I like to keep my kit minimal and serve its intended purpose. I’ve seen way too many cleaning/maintenance kits that rival mechanics tool boxes! KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.


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