Editors note: We will attempt to answer most questions either on our Facebook page or if they warrant an article, we will write up a response and publish on our website. 

“FRAGMENTARY ORDER. A FRAGO is an abbreviated form of an operations order, it is issued after an OPORD to change or modify that order or to execute a branch or sequel to that order” (Ranger Handbook 2-22, July 2006).

What does this mean for you? We have our day-to-day topics, and reviews that we will keep on completing. However, we want the audience to become more involved in selecting what kind of content we cover. Basically, we want you to help us drive content into areas you find interesting, or where you may need some help. Unlike a regular “contact us” feature, the FRAGO will let readers be very specific.

You can find the FRAGO link here and on the footer of the webpage (the bottom). These links will take you to a form which has fields for you to complete: name, State, email, question type, question title, and question description.

The question type is broken into two main categories; review, and instructional (there is a third optional question type for the time being). If you are looking to have a specific piece of gear (or type of gear ex. day pack, EDC light, etc.) then you select review. The title isn’t super important, but the description is. Be as specific as possible to help us determine exactly what you are after in the review. For example (back to the EDC light), are you looking for durability, battery life, brightness, etc. The more information we get the better the review we can do for you.

Now if you are looking for an instructional video you also need to be specific. A clear task, condition, and standard will help us recreate exactly what you are looking for. For example lets say you wanted an instructional video on how to start a fire without matches (or a lighter). Not only would you state that in the description, but also the environmental conditions, or specific situations that you may have in mind (at night, in the rain, in the snow, etc.).

Depending on the complexity of the request it may take us a little time to put together the review, or instructional video. Please be patient, but feel free to contact us anytime with questions (clarifications, additions, etc.), about your FRAGO. You can leave a comment below, or send us a message via Comms Check (include the title of your original request).

Enjoy, we look forward to hearing from you.