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As a competitive shooter, concealed carry advocate and gun enthusiast I try to pay attention to what the pros are doing; what gear they are running and how they run it. One of my favorite guys to watch and listen to teach is Frank Proctor who owns Way Of The Gun (WOTG), a firearms training company out of Alabama that is based on Frank’s extraordinary skill set and experience. WOTG has also been expanding its web store to include gear designed by Frank and more recently custom gun work for Glock, S&W M&P and 1911 pistols.

The bottom line for WOTG gear and custom gun work is that it’s designed by Frank based on his experience to serve a functional utilitarian purpose.  His pistol modifications are intended to assist the shooter in running the gun efficiently and getting the most performance possible out of the platform, without adding a lot of unnecessary aesthetic modifications that would not enhance performance.

I have been using an M&P 9mm almost exclusively since I started shooting local USPSA and IDPA matches around the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia in early 2015. I’ve shot on average one match a month since then, easily putting a few thousand rounds through my M&P in that time. Recently I’ve been considering changing platforms competitively, and I’ve been on the fence about what to do with my trusted M&P.

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