The Survivor Filter is a great piece of gear for any outdoor adventure, vacation, or emergency preparedness kit.  Most people are surely familiar with popular water filter brands that are in a similar price range, but what I feel sets Survivor Filter apart from the rest is the ruggedness and durability of the product. The Squeeze Kit that I’ll be reviewing contains one Survivor Filter and two collapsible canteens.  The canteens can be rolled up to save space in a backpack and comes with carabiners to attach on the exterior for quick access.

The 5.7-ounce filter is comprised of a water inlet, cotton pre-filter, ultra-filter, carbon filter, mouthpiece, and cap. The removable ultra-filter can clean up to 26,417 gallons of water. The replaceable carbon filter and the cotton pre-filters can clean up to 264 gallons, and there are 5 extra cotton pre-filters included in the Squeeze Kit. This filter is proven to clean water down to a filtration level of 0.05 microns, and removes – 99.9% of viruses, staph, and bacteria, while significantly reducing heavy metals. When testing, I was happy with the quality of the water’s taste and appearance after filtration.  Water can be filtered through at a rate of 15-ounces per minute, and it required little effort for me to do so. I really liked the versatility of having the option to drink directly from a water source like a straw, but also having the ability to gather and store water so I could take it with me.

Fresh water on the move with the Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit

One of the best features the Survivor Filter offers is the ability to utilize the collapsible canteens, which are durable plastic pouches that screw onto the water inlet. They have pull-caps that allow you to drink directly from the bag without the filter being attached. Dirty water can be filtered into the second bag by squeezing the water through the pouch, and the second bag can then be filled back up with dirty water and stored for filtration later. But even better is the fact that you can utilize any standard 28mm soda bottle in place of the collapsible canteens if needed. This makes drinking water on the move much more convenient.

The mouthpiece cap is a nice feature that is very well-constructed. It secures easily and does a good job of keeping dirt and grit out of that area during storage. On the other end, I would like to see a cap to cover the water inlet as well, but if you’re mindful of not letting it get clogged up it should be easy to look past. I own water filters from several different companies, and I must say the Survivor Filter is near the top of the list when factoring in cost, quality, and effectiveness.  At $29.95 for the filter alone, and $39.95 for the Squeeze Kit, there are cheaper options on the market but they don’t offer the same level of durability and versatility as the Survivor Filter.

*All photos courtesy of the author