On a daily basis I have at least one person come to me and ask, “Will you teach me how to shoot?” or “How do I become a better shot?” Inevitably my response is always the same, “What do you need help with?”

Almost, 95% of the individuals are in law enforcement who want help in a qualification course and marksmanship is usually not their concern; it’s the time-frame they have to get their shots off.

With this being said, I always allude to their draw from the holster.   Studies show that a minimum of 60% of marksmanship success comes from the concept known as “dry fire” exercises (i.e. practicing with a firearm with no ammunition) and practicing coming out of the holster, I personally believe, accounts for at least half of that 60%.  With proper practice and knowledge of the holster you are working with you can train yourself to take a level three retention holster and operate is as if there was no retention to begin with at all.

As much of a no brainer concept as this may sound, you would not believe the amount of intelligent, skilled, and proficient officers who forget simple concepts such as this and think it all relies on their aiming and trigger pull capabilities.  While this all does matter, getting the gun out and coming up on target as fast as possible is going to make that aim and trigger pull a much easier task. So to break it down further, in today’s lessons on basic marksmanship and marksmanship enhancement it is common to teach the “Four Point” or “Four Step” draw from the holster, the steps are as follows:

1. Break the retention and purchase (grab) the weapon

  • A good purchase on the weapon here is going to determine success in your overall grip in the end.

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