How can I grow today?

I ask myself that question daily.

Every day is a chance to perform at my best. To aspire. To grow beyond what’s expected.

To be a Game Changer.

I took it for granted in SOF. Surrounded by brothers who pushed me further, faster, and past what I thought my limits were. Just because I’ve moved on to the outside doesn’t mean this desire to excel has diminished.

How do I DO it? I search for people and tools that offer me an opportunity to learn and to grow.

This post shares the latest person and tool to change the way we DO.

Enter Steffen Nass and Vintiri. Steffen, operating out of San Francisco California, is challenging and changing the way we DO every day.

He co-founded Vintiri – The Adventure App that lets you select curated adventures to fit your schedule (time and day), mood (physical, social, or mental), budget, and location.


To optimize your ability to experience every remarkable moment. To get an instant adventure – anytime, anywhere. Vintiri’s tagline is “Time to DO.” That said, it is about finding and creating experiences worth DOing within your daily time constraints.

The concept blew my mind. Although I now own and control more of my life than I did when I was in, I still crave adventure. Now I can find real time adventures by simply making a few selections. Instead of searching for hours for meaningful experiences to find a way to optimize the true currency of life – the moment – find your remarkable moment in minutes. Imagine: Infinite possibilities of experiences; some epic, some extraordinary in the everyday ordinary. With Vintiri, be “The Most Interesting Person in the World.” Okay, at the very least, experience more remarkable moments.


Vintiri finds adventures curated to your mood, schedule, location, and budget. You ask: What? When? Where? How much? Think: Feeling physical, cerebral, or social/chill at this moment? Do you have 30 minutes or 4 hours? Looking for something cheap or have cash to burn? Time to travel or want something nearby? Vintiri answers: listing tailored possibilities to DO. Ultimately, you search less and DO more.


Vintiri allows you to find REAL TIME experiences with less filtering. By selecting your preferences, you curate the perfect adventures to experience, timed to meet your daily constraints. Experience remarkable moments 24/7 with access to authentically created adventures. You DO it when you want to. No more excuses. No more “what ifs” or “I wonder how.” Scratch that itch whenever and wherever it finds you. Connect to resources for DOing challenges that can make you better, make the world better. Select. Find. Reconnect with who you are. DO adventures on your TIME.

Vintiri connects Brands with people who DO. Brands create unique adventures that aim to inspire and guide people to take action on their own terms. In this case, “you are what you DO” speaks louder than words (or even content advertising).

With Vintiri, DO novel and unexpected moments created and shared by innovative, fellow Dreamers who DO. Think: Adventure Ambassadors. You could be one. Lead again. Change how others DO.


Steffen’s vision of Vintiri – what he calls his “brain child” – comes from his obsession for more remarkable moments. Steffen is an avid DOer in all variants of life – most notably by participating in special operations inspired challenges. In his endless journey to harness game-playing competitions, find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to be the “Last Man Standing,” Steffen created Vintiri to be the tool, or service, that would find unique experiences on demand, anytime and anywhere. He is making Vintiri his speed portal to infinite DOing of the unknown, unexpected, and remarkable. Steffen knows that through Vintiri we can come together to DO something bigger than ourselves.


FREE downloads are accessible at your preferred App Store in the USA. Download Vintiri to access a portal of possibilities curated to you. With Vintiri, you’ll be able to create the extraordinary from the ordinary, to explore the unexpected, and to interact with fellow dreamers who DO. Dare to be brave. Get more moments today.


“Outlook good.” Vintiri is growing, adding new adventures daily with plans to expand beyond Northern California. Passionate DOers in other cities may help this expansion by creating experiences anytime, anywhere directly on Vintiri. Contact Steffen @ [email protected] to find out more.


Check out Vintiri. Download it. Email Steffen at [email protected] to get involved and share your adventure ideas. Follow Vintiri on Facebook for daily inspirations on how to grow, create, and explore: @Vintiri.

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