The FX-9 Pistol from Freedom Ordnance is pure fun.  With receivers more than an inch shorter than other 9mm “AR” guns the FX-9 is quick handling.  Feeding from ubiquitous Glock magazines makes magazine options plentiful and affordable.  With a street price of around $600 it’s also one of the most affordable options out there for those wanting something fun that combines AR handling with 9mm.

Continuing our series of coverage of the FX-9 is an update on where we’ve taken the build.  The gun just runs and runs.  Swapping in a CMC trigger has accelerated that run as shots are much quicker and follow-ups following immediately.  Take a look at the build in the video below.

As you can see in the video above aside from handling and controls, interchangeability with common AR parts makes the FX-9 customizable.  AlumaGrips, CMC, Griffin Armament, Hexmag, Radian, and Sig have enhanced this example.  I’d like to know where you would take your build.  With the money saved over other pistol-caliber AR-type builds where would you make some personal touches?

I’m also curious to hear from other FX-9 owners what triggers they have tried.  Unfortunately my options from Jard did not work, and nor did the Geissele, but CMC dropped right in and has functioned flawlessly without any hiccups or accidental doubles.

FX-9 Pistol Update: Pure Fun

One consideration with braced pistols like this is the grip.  Beyond just providing traction for your hand, it’s also important to consider angle.  A braced pistol has a significantly shorter length of pull than a rifle.  For some of this this means contorting our arm and wrist to fit behind the gun.  Tension form contortion makes its way through the arm and can influence your ability to pull the trigger with fine control.

Another point to consider is proper eye relief for optics.  Because the receiver is not only closer to you, but also shorter there’s no room for big glass.  Fortunately big glass like the Optic of the Year Nikon BLACK X1000 isn’t needed for 9mm.  A closer-range optic like the BLACK Force 1000 is more fitting.