I’ve used quite a few holsters in my time. Many have worked and many have not. When G-Code released the Incog holster in collaboration with Haley Strategic a few years back I jumped on the early adopter bandwagon. I was at once impressed with the fit, finish and stability of the Incog. Years went by and I carried my Glock 17 with the Incog until about a year back when I began to experiment with a Glock 19 MOS with varying optics mounted. The addition of an optic, Surefire weapon light and tall sights (to cowitness) made the Glock 19 MOS a challenging gun to find a holster for.

G-Code Incog Shadow Eclipse | Initial Review

After many different holsters, I settled back on the tried and true Incog. In this case, I bought the Incog Shadow Eclipse. A light compatible, optic cut (extra option) and single clip design high on style and low on drag. I’m usually skeptical of single clip designs as they typically don’t stabilize well for me. However, the combination of the angle of the belt clip, along with the tactical fuzz keeps the holster from shifting even after a long day of activities (so many activities). What I’ve always liked the most about the G-Code Incog is the smooth, fast draw and the ease of re-holstering. The draw from the Incog is, in my opinion, one of the smoothest of any inside the waistband holster I’ve ever used and it’s perhaps why I find myself coming back to it.

G-Code Incog Shadow Eclipse | Initial Review

I’ve had the G-Code Shadow Eclipse for less than a month so far and like my original Incog it impresses me the more I carry it. It’s no small feat to carry a light and optic equipped handgun, but the G-Code Incog Shadow Eclipse makes it feel comfortable and easy. I’ll continue to carry and train with this and will give an updated full review in the coming months.

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