This soft shell pouch comes in the typical sizes: pistol and rifle. These seem suspiciously like the HSGI Taco, however, it seems to have a few immediate differences. First off I noticed a fabric difference, the Taco has a Cordura body while this Scorpion has a rubbery body. Retention is gained with a kydex sheath and shockcord. This item is available to purchase in six colors and five different mounting options. G-Code is advertising it to hold both single stack and double stack magazines. Coming in at $25 with the most expensive mounting option selected, this mag carrier is going to be slightly more economical than the Taco.

The Scorpion Soft shell Mag carrier was not a new design, however, it is a new twist to the idea. Personally I have never used a Taco, but a few guys on my team did and they swore by them. You can imagine my curiosity spike when I saw these available while ordering my Incog holster, I had to get one. My pouch came with a paddle style attachment system that is non adjustable, though it fits all of my belts just fine (up to about 1.5 inches). The paddle hooks in with satisfaction and is removed far easier than any of my other paddle style holsters. Inserting mags is made nearly silent thanks to the soft shell material used, and  the flared kydex opening allows objects will be tossed in with ease.

G-Code Scorpion Soft Shell Pouch

I carry an array of pistols from single stack to double stack, it really helps out to not have to order multiple model specific carriers for all of my mags. The mag that really shocked me was for a CZ Scorpion, a tight but positive fit. I have been using this item on hikes, I mounted it upside-down with a Leatherman Wave and it never fell out during my scramble.

I don’t believe it is necessary to have such a long bungee cord, I might be shortening that up so it won’t snag. The only other thing I am worried about is the interior wearing out if I insert items with dirt on them too often. Getting wet has not been an issue thanks to the material. I plan on getting a few more for my kit in the future.

Author – William Hoyt is a former Army Ranger of 1/75. He is now pursuing his bachelors in psychology and coaching swimming.