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Glock fans have been clamoring for a .45 ACP version of the “Practical/Tactical” series for years, almost since the G35’s introduction. Glock’s  introduction of the G41 Gen4 provides one of the best pistols possible for tactical teams, specialty units or officers used to carrying full-sized pistols. As a longtime Glock 20 user, the G20 is my favorite Glock. My large hands, often referred to as “bear paws,” make shooting many medium-sized pistols uncomfortable. While the size of the G20 and G21 were problematic for some, they are perfect for me. Both versions were soft shooters by comparison, though they were just a bit wide for concealed carry. Since most officers often carry one gun for both duty and off-duty use, that limited its appeal. Using the G41 Gen4, however, adds a new option for dealing with most of those issues.

The G41 Gen4 uses the G21 Gen4’s proven grip frame, interchangeable backstraps and reversible magazine catch. But the similarities with the G21 end there, as the G41 Gen4 enjoys an entirely new slide and barrel. The slide dimensions are remarkably similar to those of the G34 and G35 pistols, minus the cut in the top. The gun has also been lightened, and the new dual recoil spring assembly has been installed. The G41 Gen4 features a 5.31-inch barrel, and its magazine holds 13 rounds. This configuration, compared to the G21 Gen4, will be easy to transition to, and it offers softer recoil with no loss in capacity and little change in overall weight.

G41 Tactical Testing

The G41 in .45 ACP Might be Glock’s Most Versatile Pistol

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