The Kydex holster market is fairly crowded and I am regularly searching for new features and better value in my holster options. Generally, the perfect holster comes down to personal preferences such as fit and flexibility, clips and mounting options, and possibly most importantly – cost. I have found that those carrying pistols with a reflex site – like me – are not able to walk into a local firearms store and grab one off the shelf. Folks like us have to scour the Internet for a custom Kydex option that will hopefully work like we hope it will. Galloway Precision is an American company I found that offers a great product for an excellent value. I picked up a few of their holster options that are compatible with my favorite pistol – the Sig Sauer P320 Compact RX.

While considering price as a driving factor, Galloway Precision stood out as one of the more affordable product manufacturers out there. They also offered great features that I hadn’t personally used before, such as their Cordura cloth backing on their appendix carry holsters. Other products I have used before have leather or bare-Kydex backings which can cause some uncomfortable sweatiness. Along with their cleanly made Kydex holsters, they feature familiar accessories such as UltiClips and FabriClips to secure the holsters to your waistline. I also acquired a TDI/Magazine combo holster (pictured in the featured image), but that will be featured in a separate review. Below are some of my observations and favorite features for the following Galloway Precision products.

Do All Appendix Carry Holster with UltiClip (P320C)

First off – this is a very cleanly made and sturdy holster. As mentioned earlier, for appendix carry the Cordura cloth backing makes using this holster very comfortable by reducing sweat and friction. The cant for the pistol and spare magazine are angled just right, although they are contained in a solid Kydex frame that does not offer any flexibility. In spite of the rigidity, the contours of the holster are very comfortable, so it ended up being a comfortable holster selection for me personally. The UltiClips were a feature that I hadn’t used previously, and I was happy with their ease-of-use. The retention ability of the UltiClips is very impressive. At $72 on the Galloway Precision website, I think it is priced nicely for a do all option.

Galloway Precision appendix carry and compact holster review with the Sig Sauer P320

Compact Holster with UltiClip (P320C)

My favorite feature on this holster aside from the low-profile is the ability to reverse the UltiClip depending on where you prefer to carry it. I configured mine for a right-handed draw from the 6 o’clock position. It held my P320 a little higher on my waistline, which I liked. With a rigid belt like the one I have it worked out well instead of sagging down into my pocket area. This is now an invaluable part of my everyday carry for my P320 because I generally prefer to carry in this configuration as opposed to appendix carry. Their Compact Holster is offered in seven available colors (mine is shown in Coyote Brown) and is available for $49 on the Galloway Precision website.

Galloway Precision appendix carry and compact holster review with the Sig Sauer P320

Do All Appendix Carry Holster with FabriClip (P320C)

The key difference between this holster and the previous do all holster above is that this one utilizes the FabriClip instead of the UltiClip. I’ll be honest, the FabriClip took some getting used to by me. For those not familiar with it, it is a flexible polymer system that utilizes fabric from your pocket or pant legs to secure the tabs into place. Holster features are otherwise identical to the do all holster above. For me, this would be a great option if appendix carrying in pants or shorts without a belt or with a non-gun belt. The FabriClips can largely compensate by keeping the holster deeply secured to the fabric without a belt present – although I’d still highly recommend a belt when possible. Price on the Galloway Precision site is $80.

Galloway Precision appendix carry and compact holster review with the Sig Sauer P320

Often times, you’ve got to buy before you try when it comes to holsters, but I can comfortably say that Galloway Precision is a solid option without breaking the bank. Their customer support was very responsive and easy to work with, so if you have any questions about purchases or customization they will be able to get you taken care of.