Operations in low visibility environments can be sketchy at best especially in maritime situations. You rely solely on your navigation equipment, NVG’s (if you have them), boat crew members and your knowledge of driving a RHIB. So how do Clear Lens Gatorz Wraptor’s come into play? Let’s say your battery’s in your NVG’s go out (Rule number one – always take more batteries than you need) – now you rely solely on navigation equipment, your brothers, and your own knowledge of feeling the way a boat is driving. Then you have other situations like rain and glare from the water. You train for the worst during training evolutions. 

I gave a pair of clear Gatorz Wraptor’s to 2 of my coworkers to test and evaluate during a nighttime training operation with the promise that they would get to keep them if they told me exactly how they felt about them. Why did I do this? I wanted an unbiased opinion for the loadout room readers. Me? I’m sold on Gatorz. Gatorz Eyewear is hands down the most durable and versatile sunglasses that I have ever used (you can read why I made the switch from Oakley’s to Gatorz). Due to security reason’s, we will call the 2 guys Ray and Brad. Ray is a former Army Airborne soldier that has a wrath of knowledge out on the water and in tactical operations. Brad is the type of guy that has been there and done that in all aspects of maritime operations and he’s know’s his way around with a gun as well. I chose the two because I knew they wouldn’t bullshit me.

Gatorz Eyewear | Clear Lens During Night Operations

2 separate RHIB’s, 2 different crews, good conditions the first night with rain the second night. The first thing that Brad said to me after the first night was “dude these Gatorz are badass! They take the moonlight glare right off the water and things easily become more visible.” with ray coming into the team room and saying the same exact thing. Ray being an Airborne guy even said that he wished he had a pair while he was still active “They would’ve changed jumping a lot”. The next night was a little different – rain was a factor this time. Going 30+ in an RHIB in 2-3 ft waves is going to spray water all over no matter how you trim your motors or work your throttles and then you add in rain? It flat out sucks for visibility. Clear Gatorz are really like a cheat code. With Brad wearing the Magnums and Ray wearing the Wraptors. Ray and Brad both got on the range with them and they said they also performed well in that aspect. 

Gatorz Eyewear | Clear Lens During Night Operations

Another aspect that I didn’t think of is when Brad said to me “I personally don’t always like wearing sunglasses at the range, so having the option of wearing the same style of shades as eye pro, it really helps out and there isn’t a big transition”. Ray says “During night operations having the comfort and durability of Gatorz on your head really changes the game. Add in range time and nothing beats Gatorz. Hell, they even work well with my NVG’s.”

Through a combined 20+ years of tactical boating knowledge between both Brad and Ray, they have gone through their fair share of gear and time and time again Gatorz are with them. “I never leave home without Gatorz. Whether it is a clear or shaded lens, they’re either on my head or in my truck” says Brad. Now, what do I think? I think they’re fantastic. Using Oakley clear lens Radar’s or my Gatorz? I’m going with Gatorz. Don’t take it from me though, take it from these guys.