Gatorz Eyewear is a huge part of the Military community. I use them, the people I train in NSW use them, and so do countless other warfighters.. but what about the Law Enforcement communities? I was given a few pairs of Thin Blue Line Magnum’s to give to the local police department to try out. With the names being anonymous we will call the first Officer – Ray and the other active LEO, Officer Brason. 

They wore these on active duty during work and outside of work with Ray stating that they are very durable during countless hours of working and off time. Officer Brason also said that the durability is unmatched and way better than plastic Sunglasses. 

Gatorz Eyewear: Thin Blue Line Edition

Comfort – “the ability to mold the fit of the shades to your face is incredible and it really is a one size fits all pair of shades” says Officer Ray. Officer Brason stated that “the ability to mold them to your face is like having multiple pairs of shades in 1. You can bend them back if you want a lose fit or bend them in for a tighter fit”. 

I asked Officer Ray and Officer Brason if they would “ever purchase another pair?” Officer Ray said “Obviously free is better, but I would not mind buying a pair. For $180-$200 you cannot find a better pair of sunglasses. Quality craftsmanship and comfort is hard to find”

Officer Brason answered “You can spend $200 on a pair of Oakley’s and they are made of plastic. Plastic breaks, Aluminum does not. I’ll take Gatorz all day every day.” 

Gatorz Eyewear: Thin Blue Line Edition

Well, after talking with Officer Brason and Officer Ray, it seems that Gatorz fit right in with the Law Enforcement community as well! If you want to read why I made the switch from Oakley’s to Gatorz.. you can read that here.