Normally I would go into lengthy detail about an item that I would talk about in the Loadout Room.  The Gatorz sunglasses with polarized lens are probably the best sunglasses that I have owned in my 47 years in existence.  During my 14 years as a Navy SEAL, I really only wore Oakley sunglasses, but they were part of my war fighting gear issue.  Once out of the military, I still wore Oakley’s until I realized how expensive they were to replace every time I broke them.


These Gatorz are incredibly comfortable, although it did take me a couple of days to get used to how they felt and sat on my face.  I am used to wearing $20 sunglasses (Ironman’s, from BJ’s wholesale warehouse), so these are a step up from my norm.  Gatorz uses some of the best materials for their products and they are produced in the good-ol USA, as they should be.  The frames are made of a rugged aircraft aluminum, which can be bent to form the exact shape for the most comfortable and secure feel on your face.  Just be sure that you follow Gatorz directions in bending and shaping them, so you do not damage the glasses.  The stainless steel hinges are secured with stainless steel rivets instead of screws, connecting the earpieces to sunglass portion of the Gatorz.  the lenz that I picked was the Polarized smoke lens.  I road my bikes with my family to the local beach, for Fathers Day and when we arrive and went down to the ocean,  I was not squinting at all.  That was absolutely refreshing.  I tried on my girlfriends “Ironman” sunglasses and immediately started squinting and could totally see the difference.  Now I know it may seem unrealistic to compare $20 sunglasses with a pair of $180 sunglasses, but I am.  The Polycarbonate impact resistant, anti-scratch lens is bar none and I love it.  I was shooting a couple of weeks ago and ironically had a ricochet come back and hit me in the glasses.  I took the glasses off and there wasn’t even a scratch on them, but I did have a nick on my forehead, where the ricochet traveled to.

All in all, a really great pair of shades.  I would recommend these to anyone that asks about them.

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