South Florida Urban Search and Rescue, Florida Task Force 2, out of Miami, Fla., conduct reconnaissance missions in Bucksport, South Carolina, Sept. 25, 2018, by GPS marking neighborhoods to identify areas and properties that are flooded, as a result of rising waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. These reconnaissance missions are critical for first responders to know exactly where citizens are, if they are in affected or potentially affected areas, and if they choose to shelter in place. Local citizens are urged to listen to their local authorities and to “turn around, don’t drown” if they come across cones, barriers or flooded roads when traveling in the affected areas of S.C. The South Carolina National Guard’s priority is always to ensure that all assets for any life-saving missions are in place and ready as the state sees rivers rise and flooding continues.


U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Staff Sgt. Jorge Intriago


See drone footage of the flooding in South Carolina below: