(Article originally published on The Truth About Guns by Jeremy S.)

It has been nearly a year since I first took possession of my GLOCK 19 MOS, which quickly found itself in a holster in my waistband on a very frequent basis. During this time, I’ve had a JP Enterprises JPoint Reflex Sight mounted to the pistol with one of the factory MOS mounting plates.

While the JPoint is slim enough that I could almost get a full co-witness on the factory sights — close enough that I felt comfortable shooting the gun accurately should the dot fail — it wasn’t completely there. Thankfully, JP has solved this with their Ultra Low Mounting Plate.

Gear Review: JPoint Ultra Low Mounting Plate for GLOCK MOS

The factory sights can now be fully aligned with the front remaining visible through the sight window. Should the dot fail for any reason, the “iron” sights can be used in a completely normal fashion. Additionally, the top of the JPoint’s rear sight notch now aligns with the top of the factory rear sight. I may well drift the rear sight clean off the gun at this point, as I prefer an all-black rear anyway.

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