One of GLOCK’s MOS pistols would seem to be an obvious candidate for hosting a suppressor, but GLOCK doesn’t make threaded barrels available a la carte. And the few factory pistols that came with a threaded barrel used metric thread patterns that we don’t see much of in the US. If you want to suppress your GLOCK — and why wouldn’t you? — you’ll have to turn to the aftermarket. For me, this meant an Alpha Wolf M/19 for my G19 MOS.

These new barrels come in new, retail-friendly packaging. While I don’t care about the ability to hang one up on a peg like a gun shop would, it’s still cool to get it in a box with the stand-out features listed on the back rather than in a plain plastic tool tube (like a carbide bit is usually packaged) as LW’s previous barrels were shipped. In case that’s hard to read in the photo, theAlpha Wolf barrels — threaded or not — bring the following to the table:

  • machined from 416 stainless steel (certified, stress-relieved no less)
  • salt bath nitride finish
  • fluted for heat dissipation and debris clearance
  • fits all GLOCK generations
  • exacting tolerances allow drop in installation
  • threaded versions come with thread protector and U.S.-standard thread sizes
  • button rifled, three stage honed bore

That last point — traditional rifling — allows the use of lead ammo (as in non-plated, non-jacketed, bare lead projectiles) without fear of kaboom-inducing lead buildup as can happy in the factory, polygonal rifled barrels. This is the primary reason I purchased a 6.6″ Lone Wolf barrel for my GLOCK 20SF; I wanted to run Underwood’s 220 grain hard cast lead ammo as my “woods load.”

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