As the years of workshop ownership pass, I’ve found myself in possession of more and more specialty tools. If you’d asked a spry tween named Tyler if he’d ever need a bench-mounted barrel vise, he would have likely cocked his head to the side like a dog who heard a whistle. Similarly, how many MGW sight pushers does one man need? One more than you think you do, apparently. And if you’ve ever attempted to torque down a 51T AAC brake, you know there’s a special socket needed. And I own one. The issue with all those special tools is that they take up a tremendous amount of space, weigh several hundred pounds in total, and as much as I try to tell myself otherwise, they only see usage a few times a year. The MultiTasker’s TWIST, however, is one tool that lives in my range bag. And I’ll likely get a twin for the truck . . .

Long term readers might remember that the name MultiTasker has made its rounds here at TTAG before. Nick reviewed their Series 3 multi-tool two seasons ago. You remember that year? That’s the one where Nick set out to destroy everything he touched over the course of two days at my ranch. Nick (rightly) praised the Series 3 for having every tool necessary to put his AR back together after he subjected it to a harsh lesson in physics. The owner of MultiTasker loved the story so much that he sent me their new TWIST when it came out. Probably for my pain and suffering.

The TWIST is a pocket toolkit roughly the size of a fat pen. It takes up about the same amount of space in a front pocket as those fat pencils the nuns used to hit me with in gradeschool. Above, you can see it next to a .30-06 cartridge for comparison in case you attended a school not run by the sisters.

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