It should be obvious that to accurately hit something with a bullet at any distance that can be categorized as “long range”, you need to know how far away it is. It sure helps, anyway. There are a multitude of ways to do that, from the optical to the electronic.

A tried and true method, and one favored by pretty much every long distance shooter, is to bounce a laser off the thing you want to hit, let the device do some math to figure out how far away it is, and start shooting. The issue with that is it requires one more piece of gear to lug along on a trip (which may be lost or forgotten). SilencerCo would really like to convince you that mounting the Radius to your rifle is the solution to that problem.

Gear Review: SilencerCo Weapons Research Radius Rangefinder

Before I get into the finer points of how that all works in the field, it might be worthwhile to look at SilencerCo, their new SWR brand, and the players involved in this project.

As you probably know, SilencerCo is an innovative Utah-based silencer manufacturer. Looking through their website and promotional material, if nothing else, you should be struck by the fact that SilencerCo is paying all the right marketing people to make their products look really,really good. Dig deeper, and you can see that they’re serious about their products. Love ’em or hate ’em, they offer a multitude of silencers to fit virtually every budget, need, and gun (including shotguns).

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