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When GLOCK introduced its long-awaited sub-compact 9mm G43 to the U.S. market, naysayers were not impressed. “It’s too late to the party!” they cried, as if GLOCK’s commercial caution had offended the gods of free market capitalism. The more serious complaint: the G43 packs fewer rounds than comparable compacts like, say, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

While some viewed the G43’s capacity as a deficiency, others saw as an opportunity. G43 owners can choose from a half dozen or so options to increase the gun’s compliment of personal defense pills. Among the best (and most affordable): Strike Industries’ EMP+2Enhanced Magazine Plate.

By now you’ve probably already cleverly deduced that the EMP+2 lets you load two more rounds in your stock G43 magazines. Why is this extension different from all other extensions? SI’s +2 extension blends in with the rest of the gun. Ish. The polymer EMP+2 nicely mimics the G43’s grip texture and general appearance. It also smoothly continues the grip’s general contour for a comfortable hold.

Gear Review: Strike Industries EMP+2 GLOCK 43 Magazine Extension

Installation’s as easy — or not — as any any other pinky or magazine capacity extension. Simply depress the locking plate pin, slide the stock baseplate off (keeping your finger on the spring so it doesn’t launch into space), replace the locking plate with the new one SI supplies and slip on the EMP+2.

Some other competing models come with their own spring and/or floor plate and at least one competitor requires a mag mod (by removing a couple of tabs on the mag). The EMP+2 keeps installation as simple as possible.

Gear Review: Strike Industries EMP+2 GLOCK 43 Magazine Extension

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