T.REX ARMS came to my attention after admittedly impressive speed drill videos from their Instagram account kept popping up in my feed. I had more or less sworn off appendix carry for my personal needs, but when I picked up the G19 MOS I decided to give it another shot. I went on a little AIWB and OWB shopping spree on T.REX’s website. AIWB — appendix inside-the-waistband — carry is their specialty, and they do it well . . .

These are custom holsters made for your gun, gun accessories, and preferences. The website walks you step-by-step through the ordering process for each holster, with drop-down menus for each of the relevant choices.


In the above case we’re looking at the options for a non-light-compatible Sidecar Appendix Rig, which is the white and orange holster seen in this article. When they say made-to-order they really mean it.


What you’ll receive from that order is a precisely made holster. T.REX ARMS carefully cuts the kydex sheet(s) for each firearm model — most by hand, some with a CNC machine — and it looks like they take the time to round the edges and clean everything up by hand. This is some of the cleanest, nicest kydex work I’ve seen, while at the same time they’re keeping things simple enough to be long-term reliable.

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(Featured image courtesy of thetruthaboutguns.com)