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When you load up your gear for a trip to the range, you have lots of options. You can toss everything in a brown paper grocery sack, stow your stuff in the backpack you take to work every day, or pick up a bag at a big box store that will get the job done. All three will get your gear to and from the range in various states of organization and repair. Then again, should you want something that’s painstakingly conceived, purpose-built, and amazingly well executed to be the ideal tool for the job, there’s the Vertx B Range Bag.

Gear Review: Vertx B Range Bag

Vertx says their medium-sized B Range Bag was “made in collaboration with professional firearms instructors.” I don’t know who they talked to, but the company got a lot of good advice. The bag’s extremely well designed and shows a level of quality construction you simply don’t see in competing gear. The best adjective to describe the quality of construction here: over-built.

The main compartment features a Velcro-lined compartment large enough for two full-sized duty pistols. If you want to keep them from clanking into each other, you can easily add a Velcro-backed soft holster (Vertx has their own line of “Tactigami” gear), but other similar products will work, too).

Gear Review: Vertx B Range Bag

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