At SHOW Show this year I happened by the YETI Coolers booth. After some conversation about how I’m planning a move to Austin, where YETI (and TTAG) is HQ’d, and how I haven’t yet figured out if I’m too poor or just too cheap to buy YETI’s undeniably awesome-albeit-expensive wares, I was awarded a free YETI Rambler Lowball. Turns out it wasn’t really free, though, because I liked that insulated rocks glass — despite accidently leaving it in Vegas! — so much that it cured me of my thrifty ways and I got some more YETI stuff to try out . . .

First up is the 20 oz Rambler Tumbler seen in the cup holder above. Judging from how many of these I encounter out in the wild, this is one of YETI’s most popular “to go” containers. It’s made from double-wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel, as I believe the entire Rambler series is, and it’ll keep your beverage hot or cold all day.

Normally this is a blessing and is why you purchase a YETI in the first place, but I admit there was actually a learning curve to using the Tumbler for my morning coffee. You see, 18 oz of piping hot coffee poured into the Tumbler in the morning stayed too hot to drink until almost lunch time. Yes, keeping the lid off helps it cool down “faster,” but staring at a fresh cup of coffee for 90 minutes before it’s approachable is torture.

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