In the never-ending pursuit of a more accurate firearm, many enthusiasts spend a great deal of time, effort and money looking to upgrade the status quo.  While a better barrel, clearer optic or different ammo are commonly shopped improvements, few parts have as much of an instant impact as a better trigger.  Such an example may be found in the Geissele SSP (Single Stage Precision), a drop in trigger for the AR15 platform.

But what makes a better trigger?  So many companies offer varying pull weights, or even different pull types such as single stage and double stage.  I’ll define a better trigger as one that is more consistent than its predecessor and provides less interference between the shooter and the firing mechanism.  Such interference is often found in overly heavy pull weight, trigger creep, or grittiness.

Geiselle SSP

The Geissele SSP is, as the name plainly states, a single stage pull.  The pull weight is set at 3.5 lbs, which I find to be an excellent “Goldilocks” pull for anything other than a dedicated benchrest rifle.  For AR type rifles, the SSP uses standard diameter trigger pins (rather than Colt oversize pins) and is available with a flat or curved trigger bow.  It is constructed from S7 tool steel, using wire-EDM technology.  The whole package is coated with durable black oxide.

So how does it shoot?  I’ve had the SSP for a busy few months, and I’ve run it in 6 different setups.  Each time, I’ve been impressed with how clean the break is.  Also impressive have been the shrinking groups when compared to a mil-spec trigger.  As the primary interface between man and machine, the trigger is one of the three essential items to mechanical accuracy:  trigger, barrel, sighting device.  Other parts (when there’s a problem) can certainly skew accuracy, but few parts will improve accuracy like a better trigger.  There is zero creep in the SSP, and very little over-travel after the shot.  The trigger reset is quick and light, making this an all-around top performer.

Geiselle SSP

While Geissele (and their sister company ALG Defense) are no stranger to accolades for their excellent trigger work, I’m helpless to do naught but pile my humble opinion onto the heap.  They aren’t considered good because they’re well-known, they’re well known because of the quality products they produce.  The hype is real, check it out for yourself.  The Geissele SSP runs $240 for flat or curved bow, and should be an immediate blue-chip addition to your AR.

Check it out!

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