I’ve used Gerber Gear knives and tools since the early 90’s when I was active duty in the Marine Corps. One of the best knives I used during that time period was the Gerber Gator series of folding knives. That Gator Grip was something else. When they released their Machete with the Gator Grip I had to give it a try. I’ve never really had a use for a machete, but after fielding the Gator Machete Jr a few times, I’ve realized the usefulness it possesses.

The machete excelled at limbing branches when prepping wood for a fire.

Because of the extended length of the blade over a fixed blade knife, it came in handy to adjust the wood already in the fire.

Gerber Gear | Gator Machete Jr.

Whether I was limbing a branch, cutting through brush or simply adjusting wood on the fire; the Gator grip was outstanding and provided a positive grip the entire time.

Gerber Gear | Gator Machete Jr.

This will definitely be going into my pack for any future camping or backpacking trips.

With an MSRP of only $25 you really can’t go wrong. Get yours HERE.

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