I am lead breacher on my SWAT team and am always looking for little hand tools that can be easily carried on our kits. There have been many times I left my ram at the door, only to find there were other breach points throughout the objective. I need look no further than the Gerber Mini Pry Bar.

The first time I got to use this tool I was impressed. There was a suspect who threatened to kill his family and was now barricaded in his room. After a long standoff, it was believed he had attempted to take his own life while locked in the room. I breached the front door with my ram and dropped it there (a ram is too big and clunky to carry through an objective). After clearing the home we came to a locked bedroom with a deadbolt (where the suspect was believed to be). I used my Gerber Remix Tactical Knife to cut away the weather strip (in order to see the deadbolt), and the Gerber Mini Pry Bar to separate the door from the frame. The pry bar made little work of the door and separated it far enough that the deadbolt cleared the frame and we were in. The suspect was taken into custody and another successful mission was complete.

Gerber Mini Pry Bar: A Breacher’s Sidekick

The Gerber Mini Pry Bar is ergonomically designed and fits easily in your hand with a secure grip. It fits perfectly through 3 links of MOLLE and barely ways more than my last protein snack. Built with 4140 Steel and a glass filled nylon handle makes this pry bar virtually indestructible. At an economically priced $51, this purpose-driven tool is perfect for any operator.