The Gerber MP1-AR multi-tool is the latest weapon specific multi tool to be released by the Portland, Oregon based company. I’m willing to bet that any of us who have served in the military in the last 20 years is very familiar with the name Gerber. From Supply Clerks and Engineers to the front line Infantry, Gerber multi-tools have served this nation well. So I was excited to receive this MP1-AR multi tool to review.

I wasn’t aware that Gerber had branched into weapon specific multi tools until my managing editor handed me the Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool while I was drinking my morning coffee at the Force 12 mansion in Las Vegas. I knew Gerber had done some extensive overhauls to their product lines bringing in former British SAS and survival specialist Bear Grylls but had little clue they had added entire new lines.

Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool
Jaws with wire stripping notch

Readers of the site will remember that this isn’t the first time we have featured a multi-tool product from Gerber, although it has been a few years. The MP1-AR has some classic multi tool features but also sports several new twists on a battle tested idea. Gerber really seems to have taken the input from military members and user groups into account when building this new multi-tool. Let’s take a look at whats under the hood of the MP1-AR.


Product Name: Gerber MP1-AR Multi Tool


  • Closed Length : 4.3 Inches
  • Overall Length: 7.3 Inches
  • Thickness 3/4″

Weight: 9.7 Ounces (with sheath and bits)


  • Serrated (2.75″ length)
  • Non serrated traditional V-Grind blade  (2.75″ length)

Major Features:

  • Two different style blades of same length
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper notch
  • 90* Carbon pick
  • Molle compatible sheath with bit pouch built in
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Comes with 12 bits and holder
  • Take down pin punch
  • Spring loaded steel jaws
  • Lifetime warranty
  • American made
  • Front sight tool
  • Trigger assembly punch
Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool
Features both traditional and serrated blades

MSRP: $176.00 but can be found below MSRP if you shop around


  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Recreational shooters
  • Anyone who owns an AR15
  • Survivalist/ Preppers


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built in United States
  • Two full size blades
  • Spring loaded jaws lessens hand fatigue


  • No feature for tightening castle nuts on collapsible AR15 stocks

Overall Performance:

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There is a lot to like about the Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool – it provides an AR15 user a full compliment of tools to service their rifle while in the field or at the shooting range. When I first was handed the MP1-AR and opened the case I was pleased to find that the twelve bit holder had it’s own spot inside the pouch. One pet peeve I have about multi tools and all their accessory pieces is that they rarely have a spot to hold them with the tool. This oversight usually results in me losing bits like I did with other multi-tools I’ve owned.

Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool
Clearly seen 2nd compartment for bits

My initial overview started off on the right foot, along with the second compartment in the sheath Gerber made it compatible with the popular Molle style of webbing. This seemingly small feature makes the multi tool instantly more desirable to any military member or law enforcement official who has to wear web gear or plate carrier armor systems. Gerber was 2 for 2 so far.

Once I removed the tool from the super pouch I inspected the tool for defects in the grip panels or protective coatings, finding none. The literature I received from Gerber didn’t specify the materials used in the grips or the coatings, but a quick phone call to the Gerber headquarters cleared up the specifics. The side panels are made of what Gerber refers to as a “hardened nylon” and feature two sections of raised grip surfaces.

The punches, scrappers, and both blades all are coated with a black oxide finish to enhance corrosion protection of the tool. Officials I spoke with at Gerber said it also enhances the lubrication of the blades and accessories. This same finish is also applied to all twelve bits that come standard with the MP1-AR.

Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool
Torx, phillips, hex, and flat bits all shown along with sight tool

A common problem with the older style of multi tools was you had to fully open the tool to gain access to the blades or other accessories. Gerber continues it’s tradition of removing that problem by allowing the user access to all the blades and accessories quickly from the outside of the multi tool. The only feature you can’t access from the outside of the tool is the pliers and wire strippers.

As I tried opening and closing all of the featured components of the MP1-AR I was happy to see they all deployed fairly easily with only one hand. This may not seem like a monumental task but stop and contemplate how this would be a huge advantage while in the field or during a combat situation. Using one hand to operate a tool leaves the users other hand free to handle a weapon or hold the object to be manipulated with the tool.

The knife blades of the MP1-AR are both 2.75″ long and as I have previously stated come in both serrated and non serrated variety. Each blade measures 2.50 millimeters thick, which I initially thought was a bit thin until I measured the blades of the previously featured Multitasker Tools AR15 tool. The competing multi tools had the same blade thicknesses, so again another plus for Gerber.

Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool
Take down pin punch

The powerful spring loaded blade locking system on the Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool ensures the blades and accessories don’t unexpectedly come slamming down on the users fingers during hard use. So far I have been cutting, slicing and prying on things with the blades and have yet to have one of the locks fail on me. I intend to fully abuse this tool in the coming weeks at my job and at the range. Gerber says all their tools come with lifetime warranty so I’m 100% confident if it breaks that they will repair or replace it.

In the short time I have had the Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool I have been impressed with the quality of the design and the thought process that the company has invested in it’s research and development. It has been years since I’ve owned a Gerber and they completely fixed some of the problems I had with their older multi-tools. If you are an AR15 owner, law enforcement officer or a member of the armed forces, you should really take a hard look at the MP1-AR. I think you will find it to be a great addition to your compliment of field gear.

While I have been singing the praises of the Gerber MP1-AR Multi-Tool there is one thing it lacks. It doesn’t have a feature to tighten a castle nut. If any of our readers don’t know what a castle nut is, one is displayed above in the image of me using the take down pin punch feature. It’s used in securing the buffer tube of certain AR15s to the rifles lower receiver. In a pinch I suppose you could use the flat head screwdriver and a hammering device to tighten down the nut. Not the ideal tool but under austere conditions it would work.

I hope you have enjoyed our first look into the Gerber MP1-AR multi tool. If there is a piece of gear or tool you would like to know more about, just drop us a line in the comment section of any article and one of us on the team will get back with you. Below I have added a video to show how easy the MP1-AR is to open and close. Thanks again for stopping by.

— Rick