The Gerber brand has been around for years, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t know the name as soon as it rolls off the tongue. For over a decade I have seen their knives in the PX/BX, various hunting, and camping stores and even in diplomatic shops for embassy workers overseas. They’re affordable, work well and have consistently found themselves in the pockets of service members around the globe.

The Gerber CUSTOMFIT™ + Dual Sheath came to me not too long ago for review. I was super excited at first because I travel so frequently to places that have a higher ‘At Risk’ rate than most. So my original intention was to stuff some lockpicks, spare bills, knife and maybe a tourniquet inside to keep horizontal on the back of my belt away from prying eyes. Built well and from the some of the best Cordura ™ you can find, the pouch is sturdy. But that isn’t really a factor given its intended use.

Gerber's CUSTOMFIT+DS pouch can't replace your pocketsGerber boasts’ that this ‘adjustable’ pouch can carry “two items plus a pen”. Now keep in mind, I don’t want a Bic on my person when I can use a far more effective pen like the one found in the Crate Club that can double as a penetration device to the jugular where normal pocket knives are illegal for carrying. As far as the other two items….well… Let’s just say that that’s a stretch. I tried everything from a CAT TQ to a RATS with no luck. I even tried to put in my Gerber multi-tool that served me well over my military career and even that looked like putting 10lbs of potatoes in a 5lb bag. Nothing fit. Multi-tool, flashlight, pocket knife, etc. It wasn’t effective nor did I trust the Quiet Deploy ™ Velcro ™ to hold the contents in. I sized down my two items to the smallest ones I own and it rendered the pouch null. I can carry my Grandpas old Pal BladeCo. folder In my change pocket along with a pen and a mini flashlight without having to worry about the cool guy tumor pouch nestled on my belt. Gerber's CUSTOMFIT+DS pouch can't replace your pockets

The biggest demise of this pouch isn’t the craftsmanship, it’s the design itself. The “waterfall stacked pockets” is what prohibits this from actually being useful because it forces the contents to a smashed and centrally sewn point at the bottom. There is no width to the pouch to accommodate anything of use unless you plan on using this for a pen, some spare bills and some lockpicks, it’s not really worth the purchase because nothing else will fit. While I think Gerber still stands as an amazing company, this product was short-sighted and ill-conceived.

Holds 2 items + pen
Quiet deploy with velcro brand technology pull tab
Adjustable and removable top strap
MOLLE compatible
2-position belt carry