I love getting packages in the mail, especially ones from companies like GERBER containing the Gerber Short Stack Multi-Tool.

Gerber is an American company based in Portland, Oregon.  All Gerber products are designed and engineered in Portland, OR and it is also where many of their products are produced.  All Gerber products, bearing their name, are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Gerber’s Short Stack: Solid State Multi-Tool

I eagerly opened the package this morning, hoping it was the Short Stack AR Tool that I knew was coming my way from Gerber.  How had I missed that this thing even existed until now?

It is an unassuming tool.  Once I realized I didn’t have to flip or unscrew anything but merely pull it apart, I found it to be a light-weight impressive tool.  Magnetically held together with a tight precision fit, this thing feels like quality.

Gerber’s Short Stack: Solid State Multi-Tool

I placed the Short Stack into the Magpul MOE handle on my AR and found myself pleasantly surprised with the precision fit.  I again found myself surprised when I shook the rifle, expecting an annoying rattle, only to hear nothing. (I will acknowledge my hearing isn’t the greatest though.)  Gerber advises that the Short Stack will fit snugly into the MIAD pistol grips as well.

Gerber’s Short Stack: Solid State Multi-Tool


Placing the components into the different configurations to try it out, I found myself wondering why I had spent so much money on different tools for my armorer’s kit.  Maybe Gerber could make us a full-size armorer’s multi-tool for the work bench?

Bottom Line: Gerber has done a wonderful job of fitting a lot of punch into an often-wasted space on the rifle.  Having this tool in the field or with you at training could save you from having to pack thirteen other tools.  This multi-tool does not replace full-size tools.  If you are an armorer or a do-it-yourselfer building a rifle, this isn’t the one-size-fits-all tool to build with.  It will help get you going when you’re in a fix and I look forward to having this on my rifle.

SIX (6) components that serve as: #0 cross driver hex bit & 4mm hex bit, T10 hex bit & 1.8” hex bit, bolt carrier scraper, 4mm wrench/bit driver, 7mm wrench for M-LOK Fasteners, Buffer tube wrench, 3/8” wrench, ½” wrench, firing pin scraper, front sight adjustment tool, ¾ “ wrench, brush handle, cleaning cable pull-through handle, magnetic parts holder.


Size: 2.9” long and 2.8oz

Tool Material: 410 Stainless Steel

Get your very own Short Stack HERE  MSRP $54