An Option to Stippling

Talon Grips offers a creative solution to a common problem amongst polymer gun owners; lack of traction when gripping the gun.

Granulate or Rubber

With two primary grip styles of granulate or rubber, Talon Grips offers a precise custom fit for many different guns.  They even have custom colors.

The Grip Problem

One of the shooters that I was instructing was struggling with her grip on her polymer framed pistol.  With a combination of small hands and the slick surface of the pistol, she found herself often regripping her hands to the gun.

The Grip Solution

She purchased a set of Talon Grips and I installed them for her.  It took only a few minutes for the installation to be complete.  I cleaned the surfaces involved with rubbing alcohol, peeled the backing off the grips, and applied them to the gun.  I then applied heat to the involved surfaces with a heat-gun and pressed the grips onto the surfaces.

The Results

I was impressed with the seal the grips made to the gun and the conformation to the guns surfaces.

The increase in traction was notable and comfortable. 

My choice between the two grip texture surfaces is the rubber.  While the Granulate surface provides more traction, a full-days’ worth of shooting might prove to be painful.

A few months of duty use with the gun and the grips haven’t budged, lifted, or diminished.

My Opinion

If you’re not quite ready to spend a substantial amount of money on permanently altering the grip panels on your gun through stippling etc., consider giving Talon Grips a try.  While you’re at it, try their Trigger Index Points, they make a great reference point and can also be used to create more traction on the slide for doing press-checks.

As shown, cost us $17.99.