The ever changing political climate has been particularly tumultuous the past few years. Cycles of panic buying and hording guns and ammo have made firearms training very challenging. Fortunately, there are a couple things shooters can do to become more creative about their trigger time to get the training they need for skill survival during an ammo shortage.

First is including a dry-fire element to one’s training. Using a dry fire training pistol, like the SIRT, dry fire offers a safe option to improve skills without live range time. Training implements such as snap caps or laser training cartridges also have the advantage of allowing the shooter to train with his or her personal firearm when focusing on developing and maintaining skills such as trigger control, sight picture alignment, and drawing from a holster. I’m not suggesting that this form of skill development is a substitute for live fire training, but rather dry fire is a means to augment firearms training and help your ammo stretch further.

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Another option to consider to help cultivate shooting skills is to shoot .22LR.  Many pistol and rifle manufacturers offer conversion kits for their firearms to allow the user to train with their original firearm in .22LR.  Trick shooter 22plinkster gave me the advice that a shooter really gets to know their firearm when they can put 500 rounds through it per week. That is how he has cultivated the skills he demonstrates in his .22 trick shots, as seen in the video with this post. Shooting .22 is a more feasible way to get the kind of trigger time that fosters and maintains shooting skills that can be effectively applied to larger caliber firearms.

There is no replacement for high repetition training. With limited budgets and limited training time, the SIRT and .22 adapters maybe you best solutions.

Photo by Mark Miller