The following is a press release from Ghost Inc.

The CAT trigger is a 4.5-pound “semi” drop-in trigger connector for the Glock family of pistols (42/43 excepted) that smooths the trigger action and reduces over-travel. Developed by Ghost Inc. at the insistence of retired law enforcement officer, author and trainer Dave Spaulding, the CAT is intended for the “combative application of the pistol” more commonly known as “self-defense.”

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Spaulding, the founder and chief instructor for Handgun Combatives LLC, wanted a Glock trigger that would offer the combative shooter a trigger action that would actually enhance performance. “The more a shooter moves the index finger the more likely the rest of the fingers will want to move sympathetically, taking the muzzle off target resulting in a missed shot. The CAT helps reduce the distance the trigger finger moves to fire the pistol which improves shooting ability.” Don’t let the “semi-drop ” label concern you, Spaulding stated. “The reason we call it “semi-drop in” is because we had one Glock 36 in which the trigger bar did not drop. Three strokes of a file across the end of trigger control tab fixed the problem. The connector is drop in in 99-plus percent of the guns we tried it in.”

The kit comes with a 4.5-pound connector with a fixed trigger control tab to reduce over travel, a reduced power safety plunger spring (to smooth the rearward movement of the trigger bar), a six-pound trigger spring and a six-pound striker spring. This combination results in an over all trigger weight of 5.5 to 5.75 pounds that is smooth, easy to manage and will “keep up” with the trigger finger during rapid fire.

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