First let me say that I’m a HUGE Glock fan.  I carried the 17 when I worked for a certain three letter group in Iraq and have fired thousands of rounds through it without a hitch.  When I was looking to have something a little more concealable (I don’t like Glock’s small carry options) I opted for the 19. Little did I know I would be let down straight out of the box.

It took me six months to pick up my Glock after dealing with CA and Federal firearms laws.  It was shit show to say the least, and I’ll spare you the gory details…

Right out of the box I fired a magazine through the gun that was uneventful and I had a pretty solid shot group from 10 yards. After a quick safety brief on the Glock, I handed off  the 19 to my friend Nadine from South Africa. She has had plenty of rifle shooting at her fathers game ranch in Africa, but not much pistol work. However, like most women shooters she was a great shot from the get go with no ego to get in the way.

The Problem

Every second or third round was a stove pipe malfunction. After this happened the second time I broke down the weapon and lubed all the parts, reassembled. Same issue.

I fired a magazine then a second and had no problems which led me to believe that the main problem was recoil management when Nadine was on the gun (e.g. her wrists weren’t locked strong to initiate a full stroke to re-load a round in the chamber).

Even though this could be considered a correctible issue with the shooter, I still have a serious issue with a gun that will not fire correctly regardless of position or shooter’s level of experience.  Pull the trigger and the gun should go “BANG!” with another round ready to go, period.  Not so with my Glock 19 and I’m not too happy about it.  I’ve never experienced this situation with any previous weapon I’ve owned or shot in the SEAL inventory, Glock, Sig, S&W, Kimber, HK, etc…take your pick. I don’t want to hear about a “break in” period either, that’s Bull Shit IMO.  Add to the equation the fact that this particular model of Glock already had a reputation because of a faulty recoil spring and I’m not feeling too comfortable putting my life on the line with a Glock 19.

Here’s a seven second video that demonstrates the malfunction problem with the 19.



The fact that I’m a loyal Glock fan is the only reason I’m not writing my 19 off completely and selling it off.

I’ll have more to follow soon and I appreciate  you sharing your own experiences with the Glock 19.

Brandon out.