There has recently been a fair amount of interest in some parts of the gun-world population about what I call the Civilian Personal Defense Weapon, C-PDW for short. In the chapter titled “Short Rifles and Long Pistols: The Quest for the ‘Civilian’ PDW” in Volume Four of my book series “Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence” I define the C-PDW as:

…is a class of compact magazine­-fed semi­auto firearms that are more easily concealed and carried than carbines. C­-PDWs are supplements and enhancements to the normal concealed ­carry weapons that offer additional range, power, precision or a combination of those characteristics that when employed enhance the user’s ability to end fights more quickly and efficiently than common handguns.

A C-PDW can be anything from a short-barreled rifle or bullpup rifle to an AR pistol to a pistol-caliber-carbine or pistol version of a PCC to a stocked or, in the case I will be discussing here, what the Short Barrel Shepherd calls the “not-stock Glock” and what Gabe Suarez calls the “Glock PDW”.

Note that none of what you will see here is original work. Suarez specifically has done and is doing considerable development work on the Glock PDW. Everything I show you here is taken directly from what he and others have shown and discussed on the Warrior Talk website (where there is a thread specifically about this system) and on his blog/newsletter.

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Image courtesy of Short Barrel Shepherd