It’s no secret that when asked what my favorite gun is my answer is always “The one i’m used to using”; but today i’m going to add another criteria. “The one I have on me when I need it”. For reasons that one’s destiny can explain better than any attempt to figure it all out, my life is split between multiple personalities. Sloppy surf bum, bearded sniper instructor, and businessman in a suit all in any given day. The only personality that is always present is my inner sheepdog. He never lets me down. My sheepdog is an ambitiously lazy creature that demands simplicity so when deciding what kind of concealed holster to carry it was easy.

 For years I relied on some sweat and a tight belt to keep my gun securely tucked into my pants. You know the guy. Practically looks like he’s trying to draw from outside his shirt just to get that thing back in place. Ya that was me. Pancake holsters, thunderbolts, belly bands you name it and I couldn’t use it. Tight around my belly, printing big time, smelling like a sweaty gym sock. Then one day I was showing my buddy John the belt clip I made for my pepper blaster and he turned me onto this little clip device.

Glock Quick Clip
Gun rides well even in extremely thin and flexible Board shorts.

I know some of you are going to heckle me for this; but after not being overseas for a while I began to get comfortable with my environment and after a while the inconvenience of carrying finally outweighed my need for security. I’m sorry guys. Just being real with you. 

They describe the Clipdraw as a practical replacement for holsters; but I thought that not accurate enough. For me the Clipdraw has been a practical replacement from leaving my gun at home. 

I took it to the range the other day with a young man I’m preparing for SEAL training and it worked great. Didn’t get in the way, didn’t affect any of the operation. The only thing that did happen was it came loose after several volleys of fire. That was more due to my negligence than it was testimony of the product. So I’ve added “Tighten Screws” to my checklist which is no big deal because as a Sniper you’re used to such things.