Glock Safe-Action pistols are arguably one of the most prolific pistols in use today by military and law enforcement organizations around the world as well as private citizens. The reasons are many and while this article is not intended to be a review of the pistol, I will list a few that are particularly note-worthy:

  1. Functionality – A pistol should be designed to shoot, meaning the grip angle, trigger pull and reach as well as the manipulations should be simple to use, beneficial to the operation, suitable to most shooters and focus in gross motor movements. In this area, the Glock shines – the grip angle forces a natural pointing action of the wrist which tightens the wrist ligaments and tendons which help with stability and recoil; the manipulations are simple and identical across all Glock models – so whether you are carrying a subcompact 42 or full size competition 34, the functions are of the same style and location.
  2. Reliability – It is here that the Glock bot only shines but is defined. The Glock pistol is known for its reliability, consistency and dependability.
  3. Customizing and maintenance – Glock again shines over it competition in this category as you can easily see for yourself if you Google “Glock parts”. You will undoubtedly find more suppliers and custom shops than you care to scroll through. Additionally, a Glock armorer’s course is the easiest, most straight forward course on a weapon system that I have ever experienced. In fact, a 20 minute YouTube video is just about all you will need to completely disassemble and maintain a Glock.

As for upgrades and customizing, I am a recovering 12 stepper when it comes to gear and weapons, admittedly. However, I have compiled a list of modest and inexpensive yet effective modifications to your Glock pistol should you choose to make your Glock a little more personal.

A side note: any recommendations I make are based on my personal experiences and preferences. In no way am I conveying that other modifications are wrong and if you do not modify your pistol that you too are wrong. I am simply discussing possible modifications and upgrades, that is all. I am a firm believer that what you do with any piece of gear designed to save your life or that of another should be your decision and your decision alone.

*Check with your employer or regulatory authority prior to altering your pistol (especially your trigger) in any way. It is also highly recommended to seek professional assistance when making any permanent modification. 

Here are some upgrades and do-it-yourself modifications:

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