If you are frustrated with digging through your bag to find a pair of socks, the Gobi Gear SegSac is for you.

For the last few years, both my brother and my dad have been using the Gobi Gear Hoboroll for both international travel and long motorcycle trips. The Hoboroll is a compressible version of this stuff sack. The only issue they complained about was that the compression straps freeze up and get hard to adjust. I was excited to see how the SegSac would work.

The SegSac is a stuff sack with four internal dividers within it to organize gear and clothing. I have incorporated mine to divide my clothes up for camping and adventures. This bag is extremely useful for organizing socks, shirts, rain gear, and insulating layers. By using this, I can quickly find what I need in low light situations. This bag could also be useful for dividing food up for your next hiking trip.

Gobi Gear SegSac: The ultimate gear & clothing organizer?

In this 20L stuff sack, I can fit rain gear top and bottoms, insulating top and bottom, three t-shirts and 3 pairs of socks.

The stitching on the bag is double stitched at all the seams to provide a durable finish. Be sure to closely inspect your bag, as mine had a stitching error that gave it an odd shape. Created with Cordura fabric, the slightly water-resistant material will keep your contents dry in a light drizzle.

If you’re buying a stuff sack to organize clothing, you’re going to like this bag. It’s simple, lightweight and should stay tough and usable for a while.

Author – William Hoyt is a former Army Ranger of 1/75. He is now pursuing his bachelors in psychology and coaching swimming.