California has some of the most restrictive gun laws when it comes to specific types of weapons, and if you are considering moving to the Golden State and you have a few weapons for range day that you like well… it might be illegal.  We constantly read or view news reports on about how restrictive California Gun Laws are,  but how restrictive are they really? California is not a CCW reciprocal state, meaning if you have a CCW from Texas it is not valid in CA. You must obtain a CA permit, and good luck of trying to get one.  If you have an AR-15 modified, and live in Florida how does it affect you? For example, the California DOJ has detailed definitions on what are AK and AR-15 weapons.  There are 3 categories of  “assault” weapons that the State uses to identify what is and what is not legal.

The Golden State Rule | California Gun Laws and You
Courtesy of Deputy Sheriff Randy Tweedy

These categories are:

  1. Category One: Firearms specified on the original Roberti-Roos assault weapons list. (Pen. Code, § 30510, subds. (a),(b), and (c).)
  2. Category Two: Firearms specified on the AK and AR-15 series weapons, pdf. (Pen. Code, § 30510, subds. (e) and (f).)
  3. Category Three: Firearms defined as assault weapons based on specific generic characteristics, often called “SB 23 assault weapons.” (Pen. Code, § 30515.)

Just recently I spoke with a high school friend of mine who is also a California Deputy Sheriff, which makes him familiar with current California Gun Laws.  He is a gun gurru and a pretty good shot. I guess you have to if you are a firearms instructor for the Dept.

During the conversation we reminisced on high school activities, friends, guns and gear and California Gun Laws. We compared our two states, I realized how much I take for granted living in Florida.  I asked the question,”Dude, seriously?” This after we compared what I can do/keep here in Florida and what he cannot do/keep in CA.  He explains, “Well in a nut shell, if you have an AR or AK type weapon that has a barrel less than 16″…forget about it. Suppressor of any sort…forget about it. Collapsible stock…forget about it.” The State requires you to register any and all firearms within 60 days. So these would be an issue:

The Golden State Rule | California Gun Laws and You
Not compatible with California Gun Law?

It’s either make them California compliant, find a family member or a friend from the state your leaving for safe keeping, listing it for sale or….go outlaw.  If you really want to know what you can have and not have, go to the California DOJ website, its fairly easy to use.

There are more regulations pending, but until then take the time to train and have some fun.

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