Being prepared to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks go much further than amassing large amounts of food, ammunition, firearms and gear. You need to train ahead of time so that you know your skill level as well as your gear. Shaking out your gear and skill sets require getting outside to actually use and test the said gear. GORUCK has created a new event to do just that. Enter the GORUCK Constellation.

Description of the event from GORUCK:

Natural disasters wreak havoc, manmade catastrophes strike terror, and chaos reigns. You’re forced to escape and evade with a ruck on your back, and those dearest to you by your side. The question you have to ask yourself is, are you a hard target … or an easy one?

GORUCK Constellation is a scenario-driven event led by GORUCK’s Special Forces Cadre, all experts in urban survival. You and your small cell will move through a series of tasks and checkpoints–the stars that form the constellations in the urban terrain. You’ll learn how to prepare and plan for chaos and how to connect the dots of your city, on the move. The goal, of course, is to sharpen your mind into the greatest weapon you have.


*Photo courtesy of the GORUCK Youtube channel