One of the best tests of physical endurance is carrying a fully loaded pack setup for combat operations. Most active-duty infantry personnel are tested in this manner through Indoctrination programs, Special Forces selection programs or through testing systems such as the Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation; which sets the standard for a forced march at 40 kilometers in eight hours. If you haven’t done a GoRuck event you are missing a taste of what being a “grunt” is all about, or if you are a veteran you are missing out on a reminiscent stroll with some buddies. If you want to do a GoRuck event right and you don’t have any left-over patrol rucks from your military days, GoRuck has made and tested some of the best American made and fit-for-purpose gear. Having the correct piece of gear for a mission is extremely valuable and it is one of the lessons learned that I have maintained since leaving the Marine Corps. In addition to “having the right stuff for the job” all of that gear will need to be accessible, organized and protected. In times before 9/11 military folks either modified issued gear while on deployment to places like Okinawa and the Philippines or they found a local sewing shop that could work with nylon and canvas.

GORUCK Padded Field Pouches 

Today as part of my operational gear loadout and physical stressed induced strolls with buddies, I like to use GoRuck field pouches to protect my important stuff. Most of which are electronics and optics which requires some padding. There are various types of GoRuck pouches. The padded field pouches come in three distinct sizes and are matched to the packs in which they were named after. However, you can swap them across any of the GoRuck packs or use them with any pack that has MOLLE/PALS webbing. The other type is the Shooter field pouches. These have a “hook and loop” (e.g., Velcro) set up on the back for attachment to the Shooter pack; these types of pouches also worked very well with the Vertx packs and bags. The layout of the pouches can be used for a variety of loadouts like for medical, communications or EDC. What I also like about the pouches is that they can be placed on the outside of a GoRuck GR1, GR2 or Rucker pack and used as a bottom handle. Like I said if you haven’t been on a GoRuck challenge yet, you will want to have a few handles on your pack, as there are exercises with your pack that will require as many grab handles as you can use.

GORUCK Padded Field Pouches 

The Pouches:

The Echo field pocket is the smallest and is great for field notes, GoPro camera, camera lenses, cellular phone or small digital items. If you are attempting to use the Echo as a handle for reasons described previously. Just note that due to the MOLLE/PALS configuration it will not hold over 50 lbs without coming undone. The Echo’s dimensions are 9”W x 4”H x 2.5”D or 2L, made from 1000D Cordura nylon and can only be obtained in black.  It also fits nicely inside a Oakley Breach Range Bag.

GORUCK Padded Field Pouches 


The GR1 field pocket is the next size up and makes a great shower kit (Dopp) or while on a GoRuck Tough or Heavy challenge as a great place to put quickly accessible snacks or meals. As this is a larger configuration, it does hold 50 lbs when using the handle attached to the outer MOLLE webbing. The GR1’s dimensions are 9”W x 6”H x 2.5”D or 3L and is made of 1000D Cordura and comes in Black and Pink.

The GR2 field pocket is the largest that GoRuck offers in their pockets. It can be used to house a DSLR or similar camera with removable lenses. Great for a fully complemented backup kit for your computer, digital devices, USB Hard Drive, Portable battery, iPad mini or Kindle Fire. This is pouch is large enough to be used as a Trauma kit, which thanks to the MOLLE webbing can be attached to body armor carriers and load bearing equipment. The GR2’s dimensions are 9”W x 8”H x 3”D or 4L and is also made from 1000D Cordura and comes in Black and Coyote Brown.

All GoRuck pouches are backed by their SCARS warranty. They state on their site that all GORUCK-built gear that has defects in manufacturing, materials and normal wear and tear will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the GORUCK SCARS crew. They also do not require proof of purchase required, as they say, “we can recognize our own gear.” They are also happy to stitch up any GORUCK built gear that’s been burned, shot, slashed or sawed for a reasonable repair charge – or to help you get a new one, if it cannot be repaired. Stuff happens and part of GoRuck’s mission statement By Right By People and as the owner is a Former Special Forces member, he and his company live by that motto.

So in closing if you are looking for quality “field tested” gear that can be used as day-to-day gear and for GoRuck challenges then these products are for you. I hope to see you on a challenge in the future. Now Get out there and GoRuck!

Gear seen in the article

  •  Gear as seen in the article
    • GoRuck Echo padded field pocket – obtained here for $45.00
    • Oakley Breach Range Bag – obtained here for $200.00
    • GoRuck GR1 padded field pocket – obtained here for $55.00
    • GoRuck GR2 padded field pocket – obtained here for $60.00
    • Darn Tough Vermont – Tactical Merino Wool, Over the Calf Mountaineering, Extra Cushion Boot Sock, Style #14050 – obtained here for $28.00
    • PTEC – Head lamp – SOFREP Crate Club – join here
    • 5.11 TMT L2X Flashlight – obtained here for $99.99
    • 5.11 Tactical Battery Case – obtained here for $14.99
    • Watermans Applied Science SPF 55 Face stick – obtained here for $15.95
    • Spyderco – PARA MILITARY™ 2 G-10 BLACK – obtained here for $209.95