As a man from Florida, I have a certain affinity for shoulder holsters. What do Shoulder holsters have to do with Florida? Well, a little show called Miami Vice featured the famous Galco Miami holster, aka the Jackass Rig. Since then I’ve associated shoulder holsters with my home state, pastels, and of course white blazers. I can’t get away with pastels or a white blazer but I can rock the hell out of a shoulder holster. Today we are looking at my first real shoulder holster, the Gold Line from Gould and Goodrich.

I say first good shoulder holster because this isn’t my first shoulder holster. I, like many new gun owners, played around with cheap and ridiculous shoulder holsters. Those nylon pieces of junk made in China. It was a ridiculous setup that was never comfortable and never worked. After becoming an internet gun expert I knew I needed a real leather shoulder rig and that I’d have to spend money to make it happen.

After years of putting it off for years, I finally broke down and spent the cash. Why did I choose the Gould and Goodrich over the Miami 2? Availability to be honest. I wanted to try it on before I bought it and in my quest to find a Miami 2 I found a Gould and Goodrich Gold Line

I Regret Nothing

Living in Florida means I only have a narrow window of time where I can rock a proper jacket to conceal this bad boy so I ordered it around Christmas and it’s taken this long to finally feel like I have enough time with the holster to really talk about it.

The key to these holsters is adjust-ability. The Gould and Goodrich Gold Line shoulder holster has a lot of options for adjustment. You can shrink and expand the holster a significant amount. I’m a big guy and had no issues getting this thing perfect. You can also lower and raise the holster and mag pouches. A must when it comes to concealment for smaller folks. I was fine at the factory setting.

Another important feature is the straps. The Gold Line has some wide straps, which helps support the weight of the weapon and spare mags. This also prevents the feeling of the straps digging into you. Overall it’s very comfortable in terms of weight distribution.


The Gold Line Ergonomics

There are some pros and cons to shoulder rigs in general, and if you accept and deal with them you’ll love the Gold Line. The thumb snap is incredibly easy to disengage and can be done naturally on the draw. It’s as simple as grab the gun, flare the thumb, draw the gun.

The leather holster fits my Glock 17 like a well-worn glove. It took some time and was a little stiff at first but leaving the gun in the holster 24/7 loosened it up till it was just right. At this point, it retains well without the thumb snap and draws easy.


The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

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I do have a complaint in regards to the magazine pouches. They do their job, but I think horizontal pouches are likely easier to use. Reaching directly across the body feels more intuitive. I will say the mag pouches hold the mags well, and even with the snap undone the mags don’t just fall out. The pouches also fit a king size Snickers perfectly. No operator needs low blood sugar.

My other complaint is the stitching on the holster will rub your arm. It gets irritating after several hours and I found myself wearing long sleeve shirts to avoid it. For a normal day or work or errands it isn’t bad, but for an all-day Christmas festival, I was left nearly chafed. If I lowered it I could likely avoid this, but that would the holster sag and swing too much for me.


Drawing is rapid, and I can easily get my Glock 17 out and in action rapidly. It’s a slight bit slower than strongside OWB but rapid enough for me.


Drawing From the Gold Line

Speaking of drawing, the Gold Line is a very versatile holster. It’s so much more comfortable when seated and driving for long periods. I never knew what I was missing. This will be my road trip holster forever.

When seated in any way it’s faster and more intuitive than any other holster option I’ve tried. I can remain seated and still draw rapidly with minimal movement. I like carrying a full sized gun when possible and the Gould and Goodrich Gold Line makes that pretty easy to do. It’s easier to conceal than OWB or even IWB, and it was comfortable in my opinion.


Is it for You?

Now does this make me Sonny Crockett? Maybe not, mine is black and not brown. I like my holsters like I like my coffee, black. I also don’t have a Ferrari… or sick hair… or a Bren Ten… I do have a shoulder holster though. So it’s a start.


Shoulder Holsters aren’t for everyone and they really only fit a few niche roles. I like them, especially being a big guy. It really aids in drawing in multiple positions I tend to have issues with. Overall I might not be chasing Colombian drug lords with the Vice squad, but I can rock my Glock when the temperature drops.