Keeping your leather boots looking and performing at their best can definitely be a challenge. So whether you’re buying a new pair of work boots or trying to bring back to life your favorite worn-in pair, start by using some of Granger’s leather conditioner. Granger’s is formulated to provide protection from the elements with a few easy steps. Granger’s Leather Conditioner and Waterproofer is a traditional wax product designed to add rain and stain protection to all smooth leather footwear,  including those with Gore-Tex or eVent membranes. Incredibly easy to apply due to its softer formulation, this product provides good water-repellency and nourishment without impairing the breathability of your footwear.

Granger’s Leather Conditioner

Simply apply a small amount of the conditioning cream to clean footwear before rubbing in to condition and restore all smooth leather products. This can be done by taking a normal clean cloth or old t-shirt and rubbing in a small quarter sized amount onto the tip of the boot. Once you apply Granger’s Leather Conditioner in a circular method, you can then move to other areas of the boot or shoe that you want to protect. In the pictures below I have 2 sets of leather work boots for demonstration. The first pair is black Bates combat boots and the second is a pair of Keen work boots. I have applied the conditioning cream to only the boot on the left so you can see the difference in how the boot will look once the conditioner is applied. This step may take a little bit of elbow grease to properly rub the protectant into the boot’s leather pores. This is similar to shining boots at Boot Camp, if that brings back some memories. Once applied, let it set in a dry for a few minutes then you are able to use the boots.

Granger’s Leather Conditioner

Granger’s Leather Conditioner

Remember, boots and shoes are arguably the most hardworking element of any outdoor gear, and this means that they need to be maintained regularly. Leather footwear can be worse, without extra care it can dry out, crack, and become incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Providing much-needed protection to leather footwear is easier than ever with Granger’s Leather Conditioner. Granger’s Leather Conditioner meets the Gore-Tex standard for footwear breathability and water repellency by protecting against water, oil and stains. I recommend Granger’s Leather Conditioner because it is very easy to use and the price point is around $5 for a small tube. Granger’s also makes other products for outer wear cleaning and protecting. Check them out as well.

Available on Amazon for around $5!

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Author – Chandler Brookins is a former US Navy Veteran with multiple deployments to SE Asia and The Middle East, while attached to many Tier 1 Special Operation Groups.  Chandler has also served as a Dallas Police Officer for 3 years, before focusing his efforts on civilian SERE training and security assessments.