If you’ve ever spent any amount of time hiking or playing sports, you know that foot odor is one of the more common issues that come up. As a grunt in the Army, it was basically a way of life. It became a chore to find the right product that would leave my boots smelling fresh, without any undesirable effects. In fact, one product designed for footwear left my feet covered in blisters, in the middle of Airborne School. It was not a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to find an effective product until very recently. Granger’s Odor Eliminator has helped keep not only my boots smelling fresh, but my gear as well. Working as a security contractor, my gear is left in a locker after every shift, which quickly leads to a less than desirable odor each time I open my locker.

Granger’s has created a product that is water based, which doesn’t leave a sticky residue on my boots or gear. I’ve found that other products will mask the odor coming from my boots for a short time, but the aromatic smell ends up mixing in with the bad odor and creating an entirely new awful concoction altogether. With the Granger’s Odor Eliminator, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Granger’s Odor Eliminator Review

I noticed a difference after just one day of spraying my boots after a shift when I came into work the next morning. The unpleasant smell that usually greeted me when I opened my locker was no longer there. After a week, it still hasn’t come back. From what I can tell, the product is completely odorless and seems to destroy odors on contact rather than mask them. This stuff isn’t just designed for shoes though, as I’ve been using it on my uniform, plate carrier, helmet, and assault pack. It just works perfectly without making you smell like lavender, lilies, or any other common flora.

Made in England by our distant cousins across the pond, Granger’s Odor (or Odour) Eliminator is the perfect solution for getting rid of bad smells on just about any piece of footwear or gear. A 3.4 ounce (or 100ml) bottle costs $7.00 (or about £5 for you jolly old chaps out there) from Granger’s.

Author: Rodney Pointer is a former Army Infantryman. After graduating from Airborne School, he was ruthlessly assigned to Fort Polk, Louisiana to live out his days as a dirty leg. He served with the 2nd BN, 30th Infantry of the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Following his deployment to Afghanistan, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Operations. He currently works as a nuclear security contractor.