My experiences with Gransfors Bruk axes and hatches started five years ago. While I’ve had a couple of them, I’ll definitely be keeping the Small Hatchet which I’ve nicknamed the Mighty Mini!

In 2009 I decided to pull the trigger and buy my first Gransfors Bruk axe, the Small Hatchet. Why choose this model as the first one? Well, I’ve already had the mid-size Roselli hatchet so I thought that something smaller would be good choice. Let me walk you through what you can do with the Mighty Mini. First of all, I must say that this hatchet is the first really portable and FULLY usable miniature axe I’ve ever played with. It’s certainly not a toy! As you can see above, I was able to carry it attached to my small 16L backpack with a MOLLE system via a leather sheath and small piece of paracord. The paracord just positions and fixes the handle and there is no need to tie it or untie it. It’s just a snug-fit double loop. I did this so I could carry it everywhere with me on any backpack and it’s easy to access the hatchet without the need of opening the pack.

Let’s look at the size. I said it was small, very small. It’s about 27cm long (11″) long and quite lightweight (300g). Picture above is the Small Hatchet compared to a G-Shock Mudman and Atwood pry-minitool for reference. This of course is a one-handed axe. Thanks to the handle ergonomics, I can work with it all-day long without any problems or issues. The grip is very safe and feels perfectly balanced, which can be attributed to the overall smallness of size.

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