I’m not one to add a bunch of bling to my knives. Generally, I will only add an aftermarket accessory if it actually fulfills a purpose. Most knives that I own have remained stock since the day I bought them.

One of the knives that I feel needs an aftermarket upgrade is the Emerson P-TAC. The Emerson P-TAC is a purpose-driven blade (personal protection and sentry removal) with only one downfall; the thumbdisk. With the stock thumbdisk, it can be difficult to open under duress or with gloves on.

As I’ve stated before I follow a close group of guys with similar interests as mine. One of those guys has carried the Emerson P-TAC for quite some time and suggested the Gray Precision Monster Thumb Disk.

I proceeded to order a Monster Titanium Emerson Thumbdisk from Gray Precision. When you order you’ll have several options to choose from. I went with the brushed titanium. Once installed there is quite a significant difference when deploying the blade.

Gray Precision Monster Emerson ThumbDisk
(top) Stock Thumbdisk
(Bottom) Monster Thumbdisk

Now, with an upgraded thumb disk, the knife is damn near perfect.

From Gray Precision:

“Sometimes you need a little more “Purchase” to get that blade open. The MONSTER thumbdisk is the answer. 25% larger then the stock model, but without protruding past the scales. Drop in fit. This is THE answer to those hard to open knives! Available in “Rifle” and “Double Rifle” knurling, in any of our standard Ti finishes. *Does NOT fit the ZT-0620 knives!”

MSRP is $30 direct from Gray Precision


*Photos courtesy of the author