Greenbelly founder Chris Cage decided to create a meal replacement bar after hiking 20 miles a day on the Appalachian Trail. He wanted to create an easy, nutritious and lightweight, no-cook meal after becoming frustrated with the lack of options for meals on-the-go. He thought they should be preservative free and tasty. According to Chris:

“Fast food was unhealthy, fresh fruit was perishable and protein bars weren’t filling. I thought about making an entire nutritionally balanced meal for endurance athletes and individuals on the go. Not just a “bar” to fill in the hungry cracks of the day, rather an entire meal that would supply about 1/3 of an individual’s daily nutritional needs. It would be healthy, with all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.”

I was curious about the bars and contacted Greenbelly. They immediately sent me three different flavors of bars in the mail. The bars are huge and they’re great for day trips. The company offers three flavor combos: Chocolate Banana, Peanut Apricot and Cranberry Almond. The packaging is good. The product is sealed in an air tight, durable cellophane like bag which keeps moisture out. This is excellent for trips in wet conditions.

The easy to open pouch holds two, thick bars and each can easily be eaten on the trail without mess. They have a good texture; they aren’t crunchy rather they are a bit on the softer side. For those who are looking to hike, cycle, run or jog the bars are a good convenient, compact meal option for travelers. Each meal weighs under 6 ounces. Each bar is made from all natural ingredients, and each makes up a third of your recommended daily intake. Chris definitely met his goal of creating a filling bar. Most nutrition bars are about 200 calories. The Greenbelly bars are 325 calorie each and provide 33% of your daily nutrition for six core nutrients: Calories, Carbs, Protein, Sodium, Fats and Fiber. These are very palatable.

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