Grey Ghost Gear is proud to announce the release of its BAR-5200: the mightiest of modern rucks. The magnificent BAR-5200 pack is an excruciatingly well-designed evolution of the old military ALICE pack. It features many improvements – and of course more than a little GG flair.

The BAR-5200 is constructed from 500 denier Cordura Nylon with reinforcing on the high-stress areas. The pack consists of eight exterior pouches plus a claymore pocket on the top of the flap with an additional zippered mesh pocket underneath. On the subject of zippers, we’ve made provision for those times when you forget to zip things back up in the pissing-down rain. All of BAR-5200’s exterior pouches are built with drainage grommets in the bottom.

As for the main compartment, it can be accessed either by unbuckling and lifting the top flap or by opening the backdoor that’s zippered in the back just above the carry handle. Because sometimes you just want to get in the back door. Hook and loop panels are available for personal identification, but that’s not all. Extremely generous foam padding in the shoulder straps and waist belt ensure you can strap her down tight and still hoof a heavy load in comfort thanks to the included ASTM B221 lightweight aluminum frame, straps, and belt.

With a total volume of around 5200 cubic inches, you’ll appreciate the added comfort when it’s loaded to capacity. BAR-5200 is currently available in MultiCam and Coyote Brown.

Check it out on the BAR-5200 pack page.

There is only one thing better for a warfighter to do than carry Grey Ghost Gear – and even then, it’s close.

Just ask a certain legendary barbarian.

Grey Ghost Gear Debuts Magnificent BAR-5200 Modern Ruck

If you have any additional questions or want to give it a hump for a review, feel free to reach out.

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At Grey Ghost Gear™ our goal is to provide the professional soldier with the best, combat proven gear in the world. Our gear designs have been continually combat tested and utilized in combat for over 10 years and is a direct result of the successes and failures in combat. Collectively, we have learned a great deal from the research and development conducted during combat operations and we have worked hard to implement these lessons learned into our designs. Our gear is lighter, form-fitting and offers the Warfighter more protection than many other comparable manufacturers. This has also allowed the Warfighter to move faster and fight harder than ever before; giving them the competitive edge they need to achieve their objective.

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