Until I got a hold of the Range Bag from Grey Ghost Gear, my trips to the gun range meant cramming as much stuff as I could think of, and packing it into the biggest bag I could find. This would lead to over thinking and over packing multiple items that I would never use and making several trips to and from the parking lot hauling all of my gear. The Grey Ghost Range Bag solves all of these issues and allows me to pack and organize only the things I will need and none of the extra crap that just weighs you down. With 1428 cubic inches of space to utilize, this means every piece of gear has a safe and sturdy home while still allowing me to get to when I need it.

The Grey Ghost Range Bag is constructed of 500D nylon Cordura material which definitely holds up during rugged use. The shoulder strap is contoured and padded with a non slip grip to stay on your shoulder when your hands are full. The length of the shoulder strap is fully adjustable and is easily removed by disengaging the side release buckles on either side. I have carried this bag both ways to see which method I prefer over the other. If the bag is not too heavy, I like using the carry handles over the shoulder strap. Depending on how far down you want the bag to sit around your waist, the excess flappy shoulder strap material can get in the way and is kind of annoying. But not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind.

Carrying ear and eye protection and multiple accessories is made easy by the two full length dividers in the compartment that are secured to the bag using hook and loop velcro material. This allows the user to move them around as needed inside the bag. I have the Grey Ghost Range Bag setup to hold a full size HK P2000 handgun with 3 extra magazines. I can run the 3 extra mags horizontally in the elastic loops on the inside of the bag until I am ready load and use them. There is plenty of room to carry everything you need for the range in this bag.

Grey Ghost Gear Range Bag | Range Review

Grey Ghost Gear Range Bag | Range Review

On the front of the Range Bag is a zippered pouch that allows the front flap to fold out to a semi rigid workstation. On this flat work space, you can use this for gun cleaning, magazine reloading or just a clean work space to set tools or ammo on. The fold down flap is covered with vinyl to make a workspace that can stand up to oil and solvents used in cleaning and lubing your weapon. I used this more than I thought I would on this last trip to the range. The shooter before me left the shooting area very dirty with cleaning lubricant and other messy oils. So instead of laying my HK P2000 in whatever mess was on the shooting platform, I folded down the front flap to reload my magazines without getting dirt and grime in them.

Grey Ghost Gear Range Bag | Range Review

For the attention to detail and adding ideas like this, I think this is what separates the Grey Ghost Gear products from other manufacturers. They take the time to really think about developing their product in a way that will actually help the user and make life easier. I would recommend the Grey Ghost Gear Range Bag to anyone looking for a medium-sized carry all bag whether on the go or to keep in your car for whenever you need it.

Author – Chandler Brookins is a former US Navy Veteran with multiple deployments to SE Asia and The Middle East, while attached to many Tier 1 Special Operation Groups.  Chandler has also served as a Dallas Police Officer for 3 years, before focusing his efforts on civilian SERE training and security assessments.

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